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August 12, 2016

Richardson Dentist Dr. Stampe Offers Tips for Better Flossing

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Floss well for a healthy mouth and body is the advice given by Richardson dentist Dr. Stampe. What has your dentist been telling you for years? Floss your teeth to remove the plaque that causes gum disease as well as food particles that are a feeding ground for decay-causing bacteria. Now, however, there’s been a recent study published that questions the effectiveness of flossing. Richardson dentist Dr. Melody Stampe and her staff at CityLine Dental Center are sticking with the original advise to floss at least once a day. We’ve seen the consequences of not flossing in patients who come to us with varying degrees of gum disease, a bacterial infection that can ravage gums and teeth, and has even been connected to some serious bodily ailments including hypertension and heart disease. To make sure you are doing the best job possible when you floss, Dr. Stamp would like to offer the following tips.

Don’t Be Stingy with Floss

Take a guess how much floss there is in one of those little containers that you buy at the grocery or pharmacy. 120 yards! That’s longer than a football field. This is one place where conservation is not necessarily helpful. Richardson dentist Dr. Stampe recommends tearing off about 18 inches of floss each time. This way you’ll have a clean section of floss to use as you advance from one pair of teeth to the next.

Floss Gently but Firmly

Not need to be rough with delicate gum tissue. With the floss stretched between your fingers, gently guide the floss between two teeth. Pull the floss against one tooth and then the other, moving the floss back and forth and up and down. Flossing below the gum line is important, but take care not to press down too hard. Receding gums may develop if you floss too hard.

Just Floss!

Want to know what really gets the job done when it comes to flossing? A commitment to flossing every day. Brushing only removes plaque that builds up on the visible surfaces on your teeth—the inside, outside and chewing surfaces. However, there are still the sides. If you don’t floss, then you’re not cleaning two of the five surfaces on each tooth. So commit to flossing at the same time every day. Whether that’s morning, noon or night doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you floss regularly in order to remove plaque and help prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

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