Dental Bridges – Richardson, TX

Close the Gaps & Complete Your Smile

Losing most, some, or even one of your pearly whites can lead to various difficulties with everyday tasks, such as talking clearly, eating comfortably, and smiling confidently. Fortunately, if you’re missing one or several teeth in a row, our team at Cityline Dental Center can effectively close the gap with dental bridges in Richardson! These personalized restorations can complete your bite, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods while boosting your self-esteem in the long term. Read on to learn more or call us today to schedule your initial consultation.

Why Choose Cityline Dental Center for Dental Bridges?

  • Utilizes Durable & Lifelike Dental Materials
  • Highly Experience Dental Staff
  • Offers Implant Dentistry for Optimal Stability
Dental bridge restoration prior to placement

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges replace missing teeth by spanning the space left by tooth loss. Like crowns, bridges are made of durable tooth-colored materials and blend with a smile for a seamless appearance. Bridges are created by fusing two or more crowns into a single unit. The end units of the bridge fit securely over teeth adjacent to the open space and are cemented in place, while the middle unit(s) replace the missing tooth (or teeth). Bridges restore biting and chewing functions and provide a natural, highly aesthetic look to the smile.

Types of Dental Bridges

a patient smiling after receiving his dental bridge in Richardson

The kind of dental bridge that you’ll receive will be based on the location and number of pearly whites that you’re missing. The two main types of bridges to consider include:

Traditional Dental Bridge

If you have any remaining natural healthy teeth on both sides of the gap, then a traditional bridge will most likely be your best option. The crowns will be attached and supported via the abutment teeth (the two healthy pearly whites on either side of the space), which will be slightly shaved down to make room for your restoration. Traditional dental bridges can often be completed in a few appointments and are the more affordable option.

Implant Bridge

Implant bridges are reserved for those who don’t have healthy adjacent teeth, have strong gums and jawbones, and/or want superior stability from their new teeth. This restoration will require embedding dental implants in specific places in your jaw to support a bridge that’s meant to replace three or more missing teeth. Due to the titanium posts serving as your new roots, your results can easily last decades or even a lifetime with proper care, and you can even prevent bone loss by keeping the jawbone stimulated.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

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Dental bridges are an effective method for restoring a person’s smile, and you can be sure to appreciate several advantages of your treatment, including:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Help maintain facial shape
  • Enable oral function
  • Restore cosmetic appearance
  • Keep surrounding and opposing teeth from drifting