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Dentures Can Provide Your Smile with Stability and Strength

Disease, malnutrition, or genetic disorders can sometimes cause tooth loss. While missing teeth can make you feel embarrassed, dentures can give you a second chance at a beautiful smile. Because losing teeth can impact your wellbeing, restoring your mouth with dentures can also enhance your diet, lifestyle, and outlook on life!

Complete dentures will provide a substitute for all of your teeth along either the upper or lower jaw, creating support facial structure and improving speech. Sometimes, patients only need partial dentures to replace missing teeth; those are secured to your remaining teeth with clasps. No matter which kind of dentures you choose, we will make sure you receive an attractive prosthetic that matches your facial structure and desired tooth color. Dr. Melody Stampe will take molds of your mouth and work with the dental lab so that we can be sure that your new restoration will fit comfortably while also resembling your natural teeth.

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