Emergency Dentist — Richardson, TX

Effective Care Without the Wait

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When an emergency occurs, time is often of the essence. If you have a dental emergency, please contact us right away. We make time in our schedule to offer emergency dentistry in our Richardson, TX dental office. We make time in our schedule to treat emergencies, or they will help you locate the proper dental professional needed for your emergency. For effective care without the wait, don’t hesitate to contact CityLine Dental Center .

Why Choose CityLine Dental Center for Emergency Dental Care?

  • #1 Same-Day Emergency Appointments Available
  • #2 Dr. Melody Stampe Has Over 30 Years of Experience
  • #3 Dental Insurance Welcome & Flexible Financing Available

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

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  • Step 1: Call Us Right Away. As soon as it is safe for you to do so, contact our office. We do everything we can to see emergency patients for same-day appointments, so the sooner you call, the better! Additionally, one of our experienced team members will walk you through how to manage your situation until you can reach us.
  • Step 2: See Your Richardson Emergency Dentist: When you arrive, Dr. Stampe or Dr. Gater will see you right away for an examination. Once they’ve relieved any pain you’re experiencing and evaluated your condition, they’ll review your treatment options with you and together, you’ll make a plan to get your oral health back on track.
  • Step 3: Get the Professional, Gentle Care You Need. Thanks to our wide range of service and advanced dental technology, our team is well-equipped to handle any virtually dental emergency. Whether you need a dental crown, tooth extraction, root canal, or any of our other emergency treatments, your comfort and well-being will always be our top priorities.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are fairly obvious, such as a broken or knocked-out tooth. However, for other situations like a bad toothache or lost dental crown, you may be unsure how urgently you need to be seen. In either case, we encourage you to call us. We can help you determine the severity of your issue over the phone and schedule your appointment accordingly. Below, you’ll find some important information about the most common dental emergencies we treat here at CityLine Dental Center. 

Understanding the Cost of Dental Emergencies 

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No two dental emergencies are exactly alike, which is why there is no set cost for emergency dental care. How much you can expect to pay will depend on the severity of your emergency as well as which treatments are needed to address it. We will always provide you with a custom estimate before beginning any treatment, and we are happy to review all your options for making your care affordable, such as dental insurance coverage or flexible financing.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

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Not every dental emergency can be prevented or avoided. However, a few simple habits and practical precautions can dramatically lower your risk of encountering one of these scary situations. Actions as easy as practicing great oral hygiene, eating healthy, wearing a mouthguard, avoiding bad chewing habits, and visiting us twice a year can make a tremendous difference in the safety of your smile.