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Modern Root Canal Therapy

In the past, root canal treatment was a dental procedure many people wished to avoid. With modern technology, however, there is never a reason to fear having a root canal! Today’s root canals are not painful, and actually accomplish quite the opposite – they get patients out of pain. A root canal is a common dental procedure performed to restore health to an infected or damaged tooth. It may be recommended in a number of situations. The ultimate goal of root canal therapy is to save your tooth from being extracted, and you from experiencing complications that could have a serious potential to affect your overall health.

When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

Dull or persistent tooth pain is often an indication that a tooth may be in peril, and may require root canal treatment. Other symptoms include discomfort upon biting and temperature sensitivity. Swollen gums and darker tooth discoloration are also signs and symptoms of a problem. In some cases, no symptoms may be present. Any oral concern should be evaluated promptly. Avoiding or putting off necessary treatment increases your risk of tooth loss, the need for further dental treatment and systemic problems caused by oral infection. If a root canal is recommended, we strongly encourage you to seek timely treatment.

Common causes for root canal treatment:

  • Deep decay
  • Trauma or injury
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Fractured tooth root
  • Severely broken tooth
  • Cracked tooth syndrome
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The Root Canal Procedure

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Dr. Stampe and Dr. Gater perform root canal therapy with a gentle touch to restore teeth to healthy form and function. Before beginning a root canal, they fully numbs the tooth and the surrounding area. Sedation dentistry can also be administered, for added comfort. She creates a small opening in the tooth, through which she thoroughly cleanses the infection and seals the canals with a special material. Root canal treated teeth are at higher risk for breakage and damage. Once the tooth heals, they will place a custom dental crown to cover and protect your treated tooth.

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