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We know you want the best possible dental care for your family and friends. And we also understand that your time is valuable to you! It is our privilege and honor to provide the compassionate, comprehensive care your family needs, from one convenient location. As our patient, you have access to a wide range of dental services. This keeps you from having to travel around town to get the treatment you need. You and your loved ones also receive individualized care, from a dentist and a Team of highly experienced professionals who understands your concerns and is familiar with your oral health. We welcome your entire family to enjoy comfortable care, positive experiences and a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles with family dentistry in Richardson, TX!

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Complete Family Dental Care

General Dental Services

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Our dental office performs a wide variety of general services. These include composite fillings, custom crowns and bridges, inlays/onlays, veneers, root canals, dentures, dental implant restorations and gum disease therapy.

Preventive Dentistry

Dental patient receiving preventive dentistry

Our preventative services include dental cleanings, examinations, oral cancer screenings, gum disease screenings and customized oral hygiene instructions. These services are performed by highly trained and state licensed Dental Hygienists. Patient’s typically see their dentist more than their primary care physicians. We routinely screen their oral airway, monitor and record their vitals. If we see elevated blood pressure or a pattern in our records of increased readings, we will assist our patient in notifying their primary care doctor or help them find a doctor.

Pediatric Dentistry

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We see children of all ages, and provide pediatric cleanings, sealants, restorations, fluoride treatments, pulpotomies and custom athletic mouth guards. We monitor their jaw and teeth for eruption of dentition, as well as tooth and bite alignment for proper growth development. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has recommended that that a child’s airway be evaluated for Oral Sleep Apnea.

Sedation Dentistry

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Have dental fear or anxiety? Dr. Stampe and Dr. Gater administer sedation services for all types of procedures. Our dental sedation options include nitrous oxide and oral sedation.

Oral Pathology Exams

We perform oral pathology exams for all patients on a regular basis, to identify any abnormal lumps, bumps or sores. This involves completing a thorough check of soft tissues within the mouth, and palpation of glands and lymph nodes in the head and neck area.

Other Services

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As a comprehensive dental office, we provide a number of other services. These include emergency care, teeth whitening, the evaluation and treatment of OSA, Oral sleep Apnea, TMD evaluation and therapy, treatment for teeth grinding (Night-Guards), plus the evaluation and treatment management for facial and jaw pain.

Our Commitment to You

Dr. Stampe, Dr. Gater and The Team at CityLine Dental Center treat every patient like family. We would never recommend any treatment or procedures that we wouldn’t have ourselves. We take pride and are very thorough in our approach while considering your overall health by improving your dental health. Each of us at CityLine Dental Center place your concerns and your comfort as a top priority! Our entire Team is committed to providing the highest quality of care for everyone, and we do this with integrity, compassion and exceptional services. We look forward to being your partner in better oral health by creating healthy, happy, and beautiful smiles for all the members of your family and friends!

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