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May 31, 2017

Your Richardson Dentist Offers 4 Bonus Dental Tips!

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When’s the last time you visited your Richardson dentist?Keeping a healthy smile—from the tops of your gums to your tongue and intricate crevices between your teeth—takes dedication and diligence. It’s important to set aside a few minutes twice a day to dedicate to your oral health. Your Richardson dentist wants you to know how often you should be practicing proper dental care to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong. By following these tips, you can keep your smile fit for years to come!

1.    Brushing twice a day is vital!

Good oral hygiene starts with brushing two times a day. Brushing is not limited to your teeth either. You must make sure to brush your entire mouth including your gum line and tongue. Dr. Melody Stampe recommends brushing once in the morning to remove dental bacteria that has multiplied while you’ve been asleep. You should then brush your teeth again for an additional two minutes before bedtime to remove the leftover foods, acidic and sugar from drinks, and dental bacteria that has been left in your mouth before you go to sleep.

Bonus Tip:

Brush with a fluoride enhanced toothpaste to protect your teeth against decay by strengthening your enamel.

2.    Floss every day before bed!

Most don’t enjoy flossing because it takes time and effort to remove plaque between every single tooth—we understand. Nevertheless, flossing is a very important part of preventive dental care! Be sure to floss between every tooth, even in hard to reach places to avoid gum disease and other dental problems in the future.

Bonus Tip:

Floss your teeth before you brush at night. This will help to dislodge food leftover in your teeth from the day and dental debris.

3.    Limit your snacking.

You may be under the impression that it’s great to remove dental bacteria and food directly after every meal, but brushing too many times a day can leave your soft tissues damaged and sensitive. We recommend consciously snacking rather than mindlessly eating, you can avoid extensive amounts of dental bacteria in your mouth throughout the day.

Bonus Tip:

If you’re going to snack, do so during the day when you can wash down your food with water. Snacking before bed is really bad for your overall health and dental health because the food will be leftover in your mouth when you eventually fall asleep.

4.    You need to regularly visit your Richardson dentist!

City Line Dental Center works to prevent dental problems with comprehensive preventive dentistry. Maintaining great oral health takes a team. Both you and your dentist must do their part to keep your teeth and gums strong. Contact us today to schedule your next dental cleaning and checkup.

Bonus Tip:

Our dentists are more than happy to help you find the products you need to optimize your dental care at home. We can make the best recommendations for you to improve your dental problems like which toothpaste to invest in, advice on different dental tools, and give the best techniques for you to practice at home.



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