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April 14, 2017

3 Helpful Oral Hygiene Tips by Your Dentist in Richardson

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Are you practicing these 3 at-home hygiene practices from your dentist in Richardson?Did you know the many benefits that come with keeping up good oral health habits? When you greet someone with a gorgeous, healthy smile you automatically leave a good first impression. Studies have shown that society reacts to straight, beautiful smiles much more positively compared to flawed, decaying ones. When you make smile confidently, you’re more likely to snag that second date or get that promotion at work—yeah studies show that people with great smiles are considered to be more successful. Why wouldn’t you take the necessary steps to have healthy teeth and gums? Your dentist in Richardson wants every patient to have the knowledge on how to maintain great smiles. If you follow these helpful, quick tips and tricks you can be on the road to sparkling pearly whites!

1.      Brush 2x a day!

According to the Oral Health Foundation, one in four adults admit that they don’t brush twice a day. Astonishingly, one in ten people admit that they forget to brush their teeth regularly. Basically, your mouth is breeding ground for bacteria—not all is bad bacteria, but it’s still very important to brush your teeth. The point of brushing your teeth in the morning is to remove the bacteria that has been festering overnight in your mouth. It’s also important to remove the bacteria and food that has built up around your mouth at the end of the day.

2.      Brush for 2 minutes a day!

Just because you brush twice a day doesn’t mean you’re brushing effectively. It should take a full two minutes to clean all the areas of your mouth thoroughly. Make sure you are reaching all the surfaces of your mouth while brushing—the roof of your mouth, your tongue, along your gum line, and on the outsides and insides of your teeth. It’s important to pay special attention to your molars. Concentrate on reaching those hard to reach places in the very back of your mouth. The spots of your smile that aren’t brushed correctly leave your teeth and gums vulnerable to dangerous bacteria build-up.

3.      Floss once a day!

It’s not uncommon for patients to tell a white lie about flossing during their dental hygiene appointments. About 27% of adults tell their dentist that they floss their teeth regularly, but their teeth and gums clearly show that they don’t. We understand it’s a lot of work! But, it’s also detrimental to maintaining healthy teeth. By flossing once a day before you brush, you’re loosening the dangerous debris, leftover food, and plaque from between your teeth and around your gum line. These harmful materials would otherwise be left in place to harden into tartar and decay your smile.

What happens if I don’t follow these tips?

There’s mounting evidence that shows a direct correlation between poor dental hygiene and various health conditions—not just limited to your mouth, either! If you choose to ignore Dr. Melody Stampe’s advice on maintaining good dental hygiene at home, you’ll for sure get cavities and that’s the least of your worries.

  • You’re at higher risk of developing gum disease.
  • You could risk losing your permanent, natural teeth.
  • You’ll probably have chronic bad breath.
  • You have a higher risk for developing severe general health issues like dementia, pneumonia, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease!

A healthy mouth reflects a healthy body! Call City Line Dental Center today to make sure your dental health—and general health—is on the right track. We can help you with the most effective at-home dental techniques in our office.

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