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Straighten Your Teeth at Home

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There are lots of clear aligner systems on the market today. Some, like Invisalign, are designed to happen with the close personal supervision of a dentist, while others are almost entirely DIY. Is there a happy medium between the two, a treatment that combines at-home convenience with the peace of mind that can come only with a dentist’s assistance? Yes. We are proud to offer Candid clear aligners in Richardson, TX. Let’s talk about this remarkable treatment.

How Candid Works

Happy patient holding Candid clear aligners in Richardson

To get started with this treatment, you must visit a CandidPro doctor. We will verify your candidacy for treatment, answer your questions, and scan your teeth. Once your clear aligners are ready, you’ll begin wearing them as directed (20 – 22 hours each day). They will apply gentle, consistent pressure to your teeth with the goal of moving them into their proper positions.

Throughout your treatment, you will not have to come to our dental office for check-ins. Instead, you’ll use sophisticated monitoring equipment to send us images of your teeth every 14 days. You can have a team of professionals make sure your Candid journey is on track without ever leaving the comfort of your own home!

Indications for Candid

Animated smile being fitted with Candid clear aligners

Candid clear aligners can address a wide range of mild to moderate orthodontic issues. Here are some examples of problems that they can commonly address:

Crowded Teeth

Happy patient holding Candid clear aligners in Richardson

Crowded, overlapping teeth can trap food between them, making it difficult to maintain a clean mouth. Candid can relieve the crowding, giving each tooth the space it needs to function and look its best.

Gaps Between Teeth

Happy patient holding Candid clear aligners in Richardson

Extra space between the teeth is often regarded as unsightly, and it can leave your gums vulnerable to harm. Candid aligners may be able to move the teeth closer together, thereby improving both the appearance and health of your smile.

Bite Alignment

Happy patient holding Candid clear aligners in Richardson

Issues like overbite, underbite, and crossbite can contribute to symptoms such as jaw pain, broken teeth, and more. In many cases, Candid clear aligners are able to address these problems and help you enjoy a harmonious bite.

The Benefits of Candid

Smiling woman placing Candid clear aligner tray

Some of the top benefits of Candid clear aligner treatment include:

  • Advanced technology. Precise 3D printing, advanced monitoring equipment, and highly accurate dental scans are just a few of the instruments that make Candid a reliable option for straightening teeth.
  • Just like Invisalign and other popular brands, the aligners do not call a lot of attention to themselves while they are on your teeth.
  • The at-home nature of Candid treatment makes it highly convenient for busy professionals, students, and those with heavy family responsibilities.

How Much Does Candid Cost?

Two rows of Candid clear aligner trays

The cost of Candid depends on how many aligners you need. On average, it costs less than Invisalign but more than clear aligner treatments that have a stronger DIY focus. During your consultation, we will be able to provide you with a price estimate and help you explore your payment options. Some insurance policies cover a portion of the treatment’s cost. If your policy applies, we will be happy to assist you in using your benefits.